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Presenting ”Legends”

The Investment Management Consulting business and the concept of money managers for retail clients is not new.  It was created in 1973 by Jim Lockwood and John Ellis, and refined and developed by a small cadre of visionary practitioners. Now, for the first time, these Legends that literally invented this industry recollect its beginnings, its evolution, and the state of the industry today.  In conversations with Managed Money pioneer John Lohr, they offer advice to today’s practitioners answering the question:
“If you could re-invent the investment consulting industry today, what would it look like?”  

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Presenting ”Money Masters”

Money Masters is a series of podcasts with experts in the field of investing who will help you increase your investment knowledge and empower you to make the right investment decisions.  Tune is as Christine Byrnes, General Manager of Howling Wolf, talks with financial industry veterans who are all dedicated to improving financial literacy and investment education in an unbiased, unconflicted format suitable for all segments of the investing universe.

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Presenting ”Business Builders”

“Business Builders” is a series of podcasts with experts in various fields who will discuss strategies, tips and suggestions for financial advisors that will help drive their business to a higher level of success. These interviews contain crucial information in such key areas as social media, technology, wealth and investment management and so much more that they can use to help manage a thriving practice.

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