Steve Barger, Founder, Barger Group

Tune in as Steve Barger gives his tips to advisors on how to improve their business and how clients beliefs differ from advisers.



Dave Loeper, CEO, Wealthcare Capital Management

Tune in as Dave talks about the importance of wealth accumulation to clients and how important the consultative process is.



Bill McVay, founder, RDK Strategies

Bill McVay is the founder of RDK Strategies, a provider of business consulting services to financial institutions, investment managers and financial services providers.



Len Reinhart, President, Reinhart Consulting Group LLC

Len talks about the pioneers in this business, Jim Lockwood and John Ellis and gives advice to today’s financial advisers.



Dan Bott, Senior Investment Consultant

Tune in as Dan tells us why “SELLING MANAGED MONEY IS NOT CONSULTING.” Dan also talks about the tools and technology available today in the investment management business.



Live from the Investment Management Institute Conference

Live Interviews from the Investment Management Institute Conference held in Las Vegas on March 5, 2012.



Frank Campanale

Frank discusses how different the consultative process is today and the need to change the payout models.



Ron Surz, President PPCA

Ron discusses his new patent, Safe Landing Gllide Path.



Kathleen Hegenbart, The Hegenbart Group, Private Wealth Mgmt

Tune in a s Kathleen talks about how she got into the managed account business and what it is like working with nonprofits.



Don Trone, CEO 3Ethos

Don talks about “Safe Harbor” and gives his advice to today’s advisors.



Don Robinson, CEO and Co-CIO, Palladiem

Listen to Don Robinson talk give his 2012 market review and 2013 market outlook, and how alternatives can add value to your portfolio.


Michael Herr

Michael Herr, Senior Investment Consultant

Tune in as MIchael Herr talks about bringing Investment Management Consulting to Canada. and today’s business opportunities.



Robert Olstein, Chairman, CEO and CIO, and founder of Olstein Funds

Robert Olstein has long been recognized as one of the financial community’s most astute and original research analysts and money managers, and is a leading expert on looking behind the numbers of...More...


Kris Miller, Legacy Planning Expert

Kris Miller is known as The Money Maestro. Tune in as we discuss with her the importance of retirement planning and how creating long-term, personalized financial goals can help you be prepared for...More...


Alex Gurvich, Founder and Portfolio Manager, The Rockledge Group

Tune in as ETF expert Alex Gurvich discusses the basics of ETFs, the difference between active vs. passive ETFs, risks and tax benefits.



Michael Dieschbourg, CIMA®, Senior Managing Director, Broadmark Asset Management

Michael Dieschbourg talks about how he got into the Investment Management business and how we need to measure risk differently today than 20 years ago.


JND Photo

John Daly, CIMA

Listen as John Lohr interviews Legend John Daly, CIMA, as talk about the investment management business today and in the future.


CLAUDIO Headshot Photo High-Resolution

Claudio Pannunzio, President and Founder, i-Impact Group

An interview with Claudio Pannunzio, President and founder of i-Impact Group, a marketing and public relations firm. He has over 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry. In thi...More...


Gary Williams, President, Williams Asset Management

Gary talks about how planning for retirement has changed in the last 10 years as well as some of the mistakes individuals make when planning for retirement, and, about his new book “The Art o...More...